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S2E10 — Faster and more comprehensive software testing with Charles Proxy

In this video, we are learning about the Charles web debugging proxy application together with Gamze Kaya, who is a Test Engineer. Especially after this training, you will be able to test mobile applications such as Web or Android / iOS more comprehensively and quickly. Are your database scripts and test data stored in excel become a thing of the past?


  • What is a web proxy debugger?
  • How do we inspect SSL-certified HTTPS traffic with Charles? (SSL Proxying)
  • Performing application tests with Charles at low or high network speeds (Bandwidth Throttling)
  • Is creating and maintaining real-time test data with Charles or trying to keep it up to date become a thing of the past?
  • How can Charles save precious time and enable us to focus on higher-quality work?
  • How can we examine HTTP requests, responses, cookies, and headers and change this data?
  • Examine internet access with a browser
  • Examining network traffic and changing test data in Android or iOS applications
  • Performing tests at 2G/3G/4G speed instead of wifi speed
  • What conveniences does it provide in detecting errors or identifying the source of problems?
  • Charles’s proxy setup and configuration settings
    and more…

Youtube Webinar Video:


More information: https://www.charlesproxy.com/

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