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S2E8 — Javascript 101: JS Training for beginners

In this video, we are starting from scratch to learn Javascript with Frontend Software Development Manager Serhan Ertürk. Especially after this training, you will be able to start to develop Javascript automation projects from scratch or more professionally.


  • What is Javascript? Why Javascript?
  • Visual Studio Code Installation
  • Working with the Online Editor
  • Variables and variable types (Uses and Differences of Var, Let, Const)
  • If / Else / Else if Conditional Statements
  • Operators, And, Or, Use of Note Operators
  • Switch — Case Control Structure
  • Comment lines and Print Statements (console.log(), innerHTML, document.write(), alert())
  • String, number, boolean, date-time operations and null, undefined concepts
  • Object data type
  • Math object (Random Number Generation ( random ), min-max)
  • Loops (For, While, Do-while, break-continue, for in)
  • Functions(with parameters, without parameters, return)
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Error handling (try-catch, throw, finally)
  • and many more topics…

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